How To: Setup a REVO Aero DVR

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  1. Make sure the DVR has power and is turned on.
  2. The default user/password login is "admin/123456", log in and change the DVR to the correct Time settings before connecting cameras; time change is not retroactive (it will not affect video that has already been recorded).
  3. Connect the REVO Aero cameras to the DVR with the provided BNC cables and power adapters.
Warning.png Make sure the power adapter used is sufficient to power the camera!

  1. The Aero uses 2 ports: 80 & 34567 by default.
  2. At this point, if it has not been done already, you should change the password (if setting up a customers unit, make sure it is done before you hang up).
    • NOTE: Passwords can be up to 16 characters in length. Upper- and lower-case letters and numbers are acceptable.
      No special characters.
  3. Change the recording schedule to desired configuration.
  4. If e-mail notification is desired, it can be configured by clicking the "Net Services" button located on the "Network" page.

Remote View (P2P)

To view the Aero DVR online, simply connect it to a router with internet access.

    The network must not be filtering or blocking P2P protocol.

The Aero DVR is DHCP enabled by default, so shortly after it's connected to the router it should get a valid LAN IP address.

Once the DVR is connected to the router, add it to the "REVO Aero" mobile app.

Tourist-information-symbol-iso-sign-is-1293.png There are a couple of different models of Aero DVR: 2MP, 4MP & 5MP.

The DVR's are "Backward" compatible, not forward compatible:
    • You can take a 2MP camera and connect it to a 5MP DVR, all you have to do is plug it in.
    • You cannot take a 5MP camera and connect it to a 2MP DVR.