REVO Aero: Power Splitter Setup

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This page will cover the correct way to connect the cameras and power splitter to the REVO Aero DVR.
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There is also a short video at the bottom of the page.

Tourist-information-symbol-iso-sign-is-1293.png This procedure assumes the DVR has already been powered on and the boot Wizard (initial configuration of system time, network, etc.) has been completed.

  • The REVO Aero HD & HD 2.0 comes with HD compatible Siamese cables (both BNC and power connectors).

Siamese BNC BNC Connector Power Connector
Siamese bnc.jpg Bnc.JPG Siamese Camera side power connector
  1. On each of these cables are two labels:
    • One is marked, "To Camera"
    This end connects to the camera's cable.
    • The other is marked, "To DVR"
    This end connects one of the DVR BNC channel ports.
  2. Grab 1 camera and 1 Siamese cable.
    Take the side of that chosen cable that's marked, "To Camera" and connect the BNC connector to the camera's BNC connection (push and twist).
    Camera cable connections
  3. On that same cable and same side, connect that power connector to the power connector on the camera's cable.
    BNC + Siamese Camera side power connector = Camera and siamese connected.JPG
  4. On the other end of that same cable, connect the BNC marked "To DVR" to an empty Channel port (BNC).
    Repeat those last 3 steps (2, 3 & 4) for your remaining cameras and cables.
    To dvr connected.JPG
    • With all the BNC connections connected, all you should have left are the power connectors on the DVR side of the Siamese cables.
    Siamese power connector - DVR side
    The REVO Aero DVR kits come with multiple power adapters (two or more depending on your kit).
  5. Plug one of the remaining power adapters into an empty surge protector (make sure the surge protector is plugged into an active wall outlet).
  6. Connect the power plug on the other end of the power adapter into the receptacle socket on the power splitter.
  7. Connect each of the power plugs from the power splitter into the power connector on the Siamese cables which are now behind the DVR.
    This will supply power to the connected cameras.
Warning.png Do NOT connect more than 1 power splitter to 1 power adapter!
It's one splitter per power adapter.

Video instruction: