REVO Aero: Setting up the REVO Aero mobile app

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Tourist-information-symbol-iso-sign-is-1293.png The maximum number of characters for a DVR password is 16.
No special characters!


"REVO Aero" is the app's name.

Adding a DVR

  1. Make sure your phone is on the same network as your DVR.
  2. From the Device List screen, click the "+" button.
  3. Click the "Search" button.
  4. Click the Discovered DVR to add it.
  5. Give the site a name; this can be anything, it is for reference only.
  6. Input the correct DVR password
  7. Click "Add"


Live View

To watch live video:

  1. From the Device List screen, click your registered DVR.
  2. Click a Camera. You will be taken to the Live View screen.

1280px-Question book-new.svg.png Or alternatively, click the check box to the right of the site name to select all cameras, then click the start preview button at the bottom.

Changing the viewable layout

How many cameras you can see on a screen is called a, "layout."

To change layouts:

  1. Click one of the numbers below it (1, 4, 9 or 16 in the square icon).



While viewing Live video, click the camera icon at the bottom.

Moving the Time Line

Swipe the screen left or right. Make sure to swipe on the Time Line to move it and not somewhere else.

You can also zoom in & out of the time line a little bit by clicking on the "h|m" icon (bottom right).