REVO Ultra: SMART Search

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The SMART Search function is another tool used in playback to analyze any recorded video for moving objects in a defined area.

1280px-Question book-new.svg.png This is a completely different analysis, independent from Motion Detection. It NOT require Motion Detection to be configured. This is a post-recording process (meaning this is done AFTER video has been recorded).

NOT compatible with ANY third-party cameras! It is a feature of the Ultra product line and only this product line.

To use Smart Search:

  1. Enter Playback.
  2. In the upper left corner of the playback window, click the drop down box next to "Type" and click "SMART".
    Playback smart 1.JPG
  3. Click on a camera and click the blue play button to begin playing video.
    Playback smart 2.JPG
  4. With video playing, Click the SMART Search icon. This will pull up a frame from the camera video. Sometimes it may take an attempt or two to get the image to appear but, it SHOULD appear.
    Playback smart 3.JPG
  5. Designate the area (grid) you want to search for moving objects in and hit the Search button when finished.
    Playback smart 4.JPG
  6. The video will then begin playing back video. Under the Time Line, segments with movement within the designated area will be highlighted GREEN. In the sample image below, notice the time line is solid blue; indicating it is on the Normal recording schedule and not Motion Detection.
    Playback smart 5.JPG

The NVR will play at normal speed while there is movement within the designated area but, will fast forward through video where there is nothing being detected within the area.