How To: Add a repeater (IPC Router) to a REVO Wireless NVR

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Warning.png h.264 Wireless NVR: The Repeater must be wired to the router, it will not wirelessly connect to the h.264 wireless NVR!

h.265 Wireless NVR: The IPC Router can be connected wirelessly to the h.265 wireless NVR.


You must delete the camera that you are pairing with the repeater from the NVR's channel list first (in the "Video Manage" window), otherwise the NVR has NO PLACE to "add" the discovered device.

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable from the IPC repeater to the camera.
  2. Connect power the IPC router and then the camera.
  3. Once both powered up, press and hold the "Sync/Reset" button on the IPC Router for 3 or 4 seconds and release. The repeater has a speaker and will announce its status.
  4. Once paired, you may remove the Ethernet cable from the camera. Leave power to camera for testing installation before mounting camera.
  5. Connect the repeater to the NVR or the NETWORK ROUTER with the Ethernet cable (not to the IPC Router again) and enter the "Video Manage" menu (on the NVR's monitor) and the IPC Router should appear.
  6. If the repeater does not appear right away, click refresh at the top every 15~30 seconds or so until it appears.
  7. Once the device appears, click the "Add" button.
  8. Done.
1280px-Question book-new.svg.png When finished, place the repeater somewhere halfway between where the NVR is and where the camera will be mounted.
Remember, the repeater must be connected with an Ethernet cable to the NETWORK router!


  • Do NOT delete cameras from the channel list!

Make sure the cameras are powered on and connected to the NVR!
If the cameras are not talking to the NVR, settings cannot be pushed to the camera as it would be unreachable! We recommend taking the camera down and place near the NVR for this process.

  1. With the cameras talking to the NVR, connect the IPC Router to the NVR with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Enter the "Video Manage" page (on Live View, Pop up menu>Video Manage).
  3. If the IPC Router does not appear right away, click refresh every 15~30 seconds until it appears.
  4. Once it appears, double click on its name to pull up a setup window.
  5. At the botton there will be some red warning text stating it's not paired yet; this is normal as we are in the process of pairing it for the first time now.
  6. Below the text is a "Match Code" button, click "THIS" match code button in the setup window (do not click the Match Code button on the Video Manage page, we do not want that one).
  7. The IPC Router will pair to the NVR and the previously red text will turn green indicating its been paired.
  8. Exit the setup window.
  9. At the bottom of the Video Manage window, click the "Repeater" button.
  10. In the Reapeater window, you should see all of your cameras plus the IPC Router.
  11. If the IPC Router does not appear right away, you may need to exit Video Manage and re-enter the Video Manage window.
  12. To the Right of the IPC Router will be a white "+" button, click on the button and a dropdown box (channel list) will appear.
  13. Click the dropdown box and click on the channel you want to connect to the IPC Router.
  14. If the channel you want to add already appears in the dropdown box, you have not made a selection yet! You must click the dropdown box and click the channel; if you don't choose a channel, it will not add a channel
  15. Once the selection has been made, the dropdown box will change to a solid box with the channel number (like it appears normally on the list).
  16. Done. Save and Exit the repeater window.