Rw4gw1.png Video Input 4 Channel, Wi-Fi
Two-way Audio Via REVO Wireless mobile app
Incoming Bandwidth
Outgoing Bandwidth
Remote Users
Protocols DHCP, P2P
Video/Audio Output
HDMI/VGA Output n/a
Recording Resolution 720p, 960p, 1080p
Audio Input/Output Built-in Speaker
Synchronous Playback 1 (mobile app)
Corridor Mode Screen n/a
Encoding Capability 4@1080p
Encoding Format H.264
Decoding format n/a
Live view/ Playback 720p, 960p, 1080p
Decode Capability n/a
Hard Disk
Storage microSD card
Capacity 128GB
External Interface
Network Interface 1, RJ45, 10/100M
Power Supply USB, 5VDC, 1A
Dimensions 3.1” x 3.1” x 1”
Weight 0.2lbs
Working Environment +14 °F ~ +131 °F

Tourist-information-symbol-iso-sign-is-1293.png The Gateway records only on motion. It does not use a traditional "block" or "Grid" style motion detection analytic. The Gateway cameras use a "PIR" sensor installed on the cameras. This method is more accurate at detecting motion than the grid analytic method.

Configuration - Device Setup

To configure the Gateway:

  1. Make sure the Gateway is connected to the netowork via Ethernet (Cat5e) cable
  2. Open the REVO Wireless app and from the My devices screen, click the "..." to the right of the site name and click "Device Setup"
  3. From here you can set the Gateway password, update firmware, configure time sync and timezone, etc.
  4. Once you've made changes click the save button in the top right corner

Accessing and using the Device Setup Android

Accessing and using the Device Setup iOS

Adding the Gateway to the mobile app

Adding the Gateway to the app is done in a similar fashion to that of the standard REVO Wireless NVR:

  1. Open the REVO Wireless app
  2. Tap the "+" icon in the upper right corner and tap "Scan"
  3. Scan the QR code located on top of the Gateway
  4. Enter a name for the Gateway
    This is mainly for your reference but will be part of the default naming scheme for the channels (they can be changed later).
  5. Enter the password for the Gateway (the default is blank; this can be changed later)
  6. Tap "Complete" at the top to save

Removing the Gateway from the app

On the Device List, tap the triple dot ("...") button and tap delete and confirm.




The time can be set by synchronizing with the mobile device.

Time Zone

In Setup, tap the text to the right of "Choose time zone".

Wi-Fi Channel

In Setup, tap the text to the right of "Set Wi-Fi Channel X" Where "X" is the current Wi-Fi channel.

Tourist-information-symbol-iso-sign-is-1293.png The Gateway will only connect to the U.S., FCC Wi-Fi channels 1~11!


Device Storage

In Setup, tap on "Device Storage".

Here it will show you:

  • Card status
  • Capacity and remaining space
  • Format the card


Firmware Update

Located under "Other", this will check for available updates.

Update checking for cameras is found in the associated camera "Channel" located under "Choose channel"; tap the channel and near the bottom is the update option.

Choose Channel

Configure a channel.

Setup password

Changing the Password

To change the Gateway's password (assuming it's already added to the mobile app):

  1. Tap "Setup" (Gear icon)
  2. Scroll to the very bottom of the list, tap "Password"
  3. Input the current password the "Original password" box, type in the new password in the "New password" box and again in the confirm box.


In Setup, tap the desired channel under "Choose channel".


Here you can also find the camera's:

  • Mode
  • Firmware version

Device Name

Tap the pencil icon to edit the channel name.

General Setup


Enable or Disable PUSH notifications for the channel

Motion detection sensitivity

Choose the sensitivity level for detection: Lowest~Highest


Turn the recording of the camera on or off.


Tap to check for updates.


55px-Warning.png This will disassociate/remove the camera from the Gateway!

Viewing Cameras

Video can only be viewed via mobile, CMS, or (it must be registered/added to an account; create and log into a revowireless account and then add the Gateway).

REVO Wireless Mobile app


Tap on the channel you wish to view.

Tourist-information-symbol-iso-sign-is-1293.png Only 1 channel can be viewed live or played back at a time.


While looking at live feed from a camera, tap the speaker icon to hear audio from the camera.

Two-way audio

The cameras that come with the Gateway are equipped with built-in speakers. To begin two-way audio, press and hold the microphone icon and talk into your mobiles mic.


On your device list, under the Gateway, tap the Playback button and select a channel.

Move the time line left or right to search or tap the calendar to specify a time.

You can zoom in and out of the time line by pinching and expanding a two finger held touch on the time line. Place two fingers on the time line, one left and one right and either expand or contract them.

Android also has a vertical slider that will also do this function.

You can also download recorded video or snapshot or record your current view by tapping record or snapshot.

Viewing PUSH notifications

To view PUSH notifications that have been received, on the device list in the REVO Wireless app, tap the "Info" icon.

When a motion event is received, you can tap on your mobile's notification message to take you directly to the recorded video.

Reset the Gateway

Press and hold the reset button on the back.

Warning.png This will remove the cameras from the Gateway and will need to be paired to the Gateway again.


The camera portion of the pairing is the same as the standard H.265 pairing process:

  • Press and hold the button on the camera's cable until the LED goes out.
    When the boots back up, the LED will be flashing quickly

When the LED on the camera is flashing quickly, press and hold the "Sync" button on the Gateway until the pairing audio prompt is heard then release the button. The camera will the pair with the Gateway.


1280px-Question book-new.svg.png The Gateway also has some audible prompts such as, boot up, camera paired, etc.

This system does not continuously record video, it only records when the camera's PIR motion is triggered.

Gateway (RW4GW1) Recording Time:

Statements from the factory:

When triggered 10 times/day/camera, will record 300 days in total. Roughly 30 seconds of recording per trigger.

20GB of microSD card storage space is used for 24 hours of video from one 1080p camera.

This works out to the following: 0.83 GB/hr. for one camera, 1.66GB/hr. for two cameras or...

This might be cutting it too close due to storage mathmatical conversions. It may record slightly less that this.

  • For 32GB microSD card:

31.5GB for 19 hours total video from two connected cameras (19 hours for each camera).

  • For 128GB microSD card (max. usable size):

126.1GB for 76 hours total video from two connected cameras (76 hours for each camera).

Comes with:

  • 4 Channel Wireless Gateway NVR
  • Comes with 2 cameras with PIR motion detection and supports two-way audio
  • The kit comes with a 32GB microSD card. The maximum size microSD card that can be used is 128GB.

1280px-Question book-new.svg.png This Wireless Gateway NVR has no Video Output (no monitor). It's completely controlled and viewed via the "REVO Wireless" mobile app.
Tourist-information-symbol-iso-sign-is-1293.png The QR code to scan for adding the Gateway to the app is located on a label on the top of the Gateway itself. Alternatively, you can scan the network to find it if the QR code becomes damaged, lost or the phone simply won't scan it for one reason or another.

There are a total of 3 ports on the Gateway:

  1. Power (5VDC)
  2. Storage (microSD up to 128GB max.)
  3. Ethernet (LAN for Internet access)