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General Information

  • High-resolution (2MP) WiFi video cameras and Gateway NVRs, compatible with REVO Wireless Gateway systems. Cameras support PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensors and two-way audio. Recording is only upon PIR-triggered motion detection events. Video is recorded onto a microSD card (128GB max.)
  • App: REVO Wireless
  • Remote Access (IE 11):
  • Please note that the term “Wireless” refers only to data transmission. REVO Wireless Gateway cameras are powered using the included 12VDC wall adapters.
  • Please note that REVO Wireless cameras and NVRs are NOT compatible with REVO Ultra Wireless or REVO Ultra cameras and NVRs.
  • REVO Wireless and REVO Wireless Gateway items are in the same general product family. However, while a Gateway PIR camera can be connected to a standard REVO Wireless NVR, a standard REVO Wireless camera can not be connected to a REVO Wireless Gateway NVR.
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Revo Wireless CMS

Download Software

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